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MOOC - Massive Open Online Course

To mainstream key competences on climate action among current and future professionals in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid, (e)mission (im)possible offers future and current professionals a MOOC - Massive Open Online Course - a short online training path tailored for the sector, addressing 4 main clusters:

  • The human dimension of climate change: liabilities, climate justice and human rights

  • Climate change basics: climate science and international governance 

  • Organisations’ actions to curb emissions and to improve their climate action

  • Engaging other actors in change: donors, partners, local communities and policy makers.


Based on co-created and work-based learning contents developed by climate action experts and development cooperation and humanitarian aid professionals, the MOOC wants to offer a flexible training opportunity that meets the needs and competence gaps among sector’s professionals: organisations’ staff, volunteers, students and academics. 


It will review the scientific, environmental, political, economical and human dimensions of climate change and help professionals to understand what organisations can do to reduce their carbon footprint and to boost their positive effects on climate change mitigation and adaptation.


The MOOC, available in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French, is a learning path of 25 hours, including 6 hours of video lectures and 19 hours of individual works, reading and tests to check competencies gained.


Download the full programme of the course

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Image by The Climate Reality Project
Registration is closed for now!

The first edition of the MOOC started on the 30th November 2022 and is accessible NOW, untill the 31st of March, 2023.

You can register to the course, click on the botton below! At the end of the form you can click on the MOOC platform link and register with your google account.




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