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A day to decarbonize the third sector, Rome, Italy

On September 22nd, we concluded our event, "(e)mission (im)possible: Supporting the protagonism of international cooperation and the third sector in the fight against climate change," at the Botanical Garden in Rome, Italy.

This was the first multiplier event of our (e)mission (im)possible project, implemented through our network of 7 European NGO and university partners. The event was an opportunity to discuss the needs and limitations of the cooperation sector in countering the current climate emergency.

The event began with an introduction to the day and upcoming project activities by Lucie Greyl of A Sud Ecology and Cooperation. Lucie then introduced Fabio Attorre, Director of the Botanical Garden of Rome, who welcomed all participants.

The panel: speakers from the world of cooperation

Contributions from the different perspectives of international cooperation and the third sector followed one another: representatives of various Italian NGOs and granting bodies and foundations alternated their speeches (among them: Un Ponte Per, AOI, Fairwatch, CINI, LINK2007, Concord Europe, Assifero, Charlemagne Foundation).

Outdoors, in the middle of the Botanical Garden, the coffee break was used to engage in networking and getting to know each other, strengthening connections and comparing views on the topics just discussed.

"Decarbonizing international cooperation: how?" World Cafè The break was followed by the workshop "Decarbonizing international cooperation: how?" prepared by Ecosystems Foundation-the workshop, in the format of a World Café, saw participants split into small groups to discuss together the limitations and opportunities of the sector to implement positive climate actions.

The different points of view were then reported to all participants, who, with a final farewell, left the Botanical Garden.

The next steps We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants and speakers for a successful event and for being willing to challenge themselves and consolidate their motivations to counter the climate emergency.

If you want to know more about the recently concluded event, here is the detailed programme with all info, including the names of the panelists.

There are still many training and discussion activities in the project, we will send upcoming updates via our project newsletter.

Online Course of (e)mission (im)possible

If you have not already done so, you can pre-register for the online (e)mission (im)possible course. The course is free and will start soon. It provides development cooperation and humanitarian professionals, volunteers, students, and academics with a 25-hour training course certified with ECTS credits. Created by cooperation sector professionals and experts in environmental and climate accounting, the MOOC is designed to fit flexibly with participants' professional and study activities

Available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, the course aims to provide insight and cognitive, methodological, and technical tools essential to guide a transformative process functional to reducing the sector's emissions and promoting positive climate actions. Read more about the course.


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